From the Distiller...For the Love of Herbs

Slowly but surely we are working on developing a new gin, one with a bit less juniper and more herbal notes.  This, of course, means we have been doing some testing of various herbs.  There are two herbs in particular which I have been interested in for some time, and for which if have been teased about since I talk about them a fair bit.  One of these is lovage...

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From the Distiller...Cheers to Science!

You can take the scientist out of the lab (and put him to work at a distillery), but he will always be a scientist.  This is true now more than ever.  I have started some research collaborations with the folks in the Dept. of Food Science and Penn State.  This will open up more opportunities for research as well as create some student learning opportunities here at the distillery...

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From the Distiller...More Learning' To Do

Just when you thought you had a bit of a handle on blending and aging, nature throws you a curve--in this case, a rye curve.  When the American whiskey was being blended, things went the way I expected: a slightly higher proof works better in cocktails, and a little bit lower proof was better for sipping.  Well, it turns out rye is a different beast.  Rye doesn’t play by the “rules”.  Rye is packed with flavors, and as I have found, you can have too much of a good thing.  I started with the same approach I used with the American whiskey, by slowly adding water over several weeks and tasting it as I went.

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