From our Distiller...Summer = Rum

I am a foodie, and as such, I get a couple of different daily emails from “food porn” sites.  I got one yesterday professing the writer’s love of Malibu Coconut Rum.  I thought to myself, “Clearly she has not tried Big Spring Spirits coconut rum!” 

I will freely admit that I am not a big cocktail drinker, especially the sweet and fruity kind, preferring to drink whiskey (neat, which a splash, on the rocks –really, whiskey any way works for me).  That being said, I really like our coconut rum, and that is not just because I make it.  It truly is very different from the other products on the market.  In the tasting room, it is not one of the more requested spirits to taste, likely because guests mistakenly think ours is like the others.  We often will give it as a bonus taste, and you know what?  It blows people away,  as it is not quite what they expected – it is so much smoother, less syrupy, less cloying—in a word, better.  We sell more of bottles of our coconut rum in the tasting room than any of our other rums (white, spiced, aged).  Interestingly, it is our weakest seller in the state stores – probably because people don’t have the opportunity to taste it.  Once folks try it, though, they are hooked.  It is so good for sipping poolside or on the deck.

What makes Big Spring Coconut Rum so special?  Well the process starts with Big Spring White Rum which has some nice spice notes from the molasses we use.  We take that, add some sugar (well, actually, a lot of sugar) and then add a blend of two natural coconut extracts.  Once that is mixed thoroughly, we bottle it.  My favorite things about the coconut rum is that when you first taste it, you get the flavors from the white rum base, and then the coconut flavors come on mid-palate, and keep going, and going, and going through a long finish.  With the other commercial coconut rums, you get a blast of coconut right away, and then flavor  fades away (which prompts you to want to drink more – good for them, a bit dangerous for you).

The other nice thing about our coconut rum is that it can stand all by itself and can be enjoyed simply on the rocks (perhaps with a little seltzer and a lime wedge).  The other coconut rums really are designed to be used as part of a cocktail, where ours works equally well.  Do yourself a favor and give Big Spring Coconut Rum a try--and then we can add you to our list of converts. 

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