MBA Class of 2016 Barrel-aged Rye Whiskey

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MBA rye bottle pic newsletter (1).jpg
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MBA Class of 2016 Barrel-aged Rye Whiskey


This elegant whiskey highlights the flavors of the rye grain, due to it's limited time in contact with oak--the barrel has not overpowered the spicy-yet-green notes of the rye, allowing them to really come through. While the nose has notes of toffee, with just a touch of smoke from the charred barrel, it also shows pretty floral note.

This rye should be approached the way one would approach a scotch or Irish whiskey-- it shows itself best when sipped neat, or with just a single ice cube, maybe over a dense ice ball. The delicacy of this young rye means the whiskey's flavor will all but disappear when mixed with other, stronger components like lemon juice or liqueurs, so enjoy it simply

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Size: 750ml
Composition: 100% locally-sourced rye
Alcohol by Volume: 45%
Proof: 90

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