From the Distiller...Pipelines

We’ve finally gotten to the point where we have enough aged whiskeys to have a somewhat steady stream of products, so what’s coming up? We just finished bottling our second batch of straight rye. This is a little older than the first release and has a bit more of a cinnamon note to it. Remember, every barrel has its own unique character. Next up is the second bottling of our 100% wheat whiskey. We will be dumping a barrel or two this week depending on how the ones we choose to sample from the taste. The first batch was a special product that was done for the PSU Masters in Business Administration students and was just one year old. I kept it the whole year in a favored location in the distillery to push its maturation. The next batch will be from 2 yr old barrels so should be even smoother. We hope to get this into bottles fairly quickly. I generally find that some extra time sitting in our blending tank helps to finish smoothing off the edges of a whiskey. The wheat though is pretty smooth going into the barrel, so I find it doesn’t need the time in the blending tank like the rye does. Hopefully, we can get it bottled in time for the Central Pennsylvania Tasting Trail Holiday Craft Beverage showcase, Sunday, Nov 12th. 

Coming up after that will be our 3rd  batch of the American whiskey and then our first batch of 100% corn whiskey. Another new thing for us is that as we bottle up each of these whiskeys, we finally have the approval of our labels and will be filling some 200 ml bottles from each of these whiskeys. Our goal is to have all of these done in time for the holidays so we can have a gift set that includes a 200 ml bottle of each of the three straight whiskeys (corn, rye, and wheat) and a bottle of the American whiskey, which is a blend of all three. You own personal tasting experiment in a box! Also, we haven’t forgotten about the rye we put into ex-port barrels. I am still not sure the timeline on this whiskey. We tasted it at one month and it was coming along nicely.  We will be pulling some samples in the next week or so. It would be great to have this in time for the holidays, but if it is not ready, it stays in the barrel. To quote Orson Wells (for Paul Masson wines), “We will sell no [port] wine [barrel-finished rye] before its time”. Of course, along with the whiskeys, we will also be filling bottles with the rest of our line-up, ready to help celebrate the holidays.