From the Distiller...We've got class(es)!

Now that we are several years into making whiskey, this means we have lots of whiskey at all kinds of different ages, in different woods, etc., creating the opportunity for us to host some very interesting tastings. This means school will be open soon! We are still finalizing the syllabi and prices for our classes, but here is a rough outline of the classes we are hoping to offer. We are still debating whether to run the classes on Tuesdays, so it can be run in the tasting room or do the classes in the production area on a Thursday or Saturday evening. Let us know which classes you are interested in and what night you would prefer, and we’ll get them scheduled. If you have a group….birthday, corporate event, bachelor party, etc…that would like to set up a private class, please contact us at

Read the descriptions and then follow the link at the bottom to cast your votes and we’ll get the first class scheduled!

Wouldn't you like to know more about wood (and whiskey).

Join us as we explore the impact that different woods have on a whiskey. We will compare several whiskeys aged in American versus French oak to see how the different woods interact with the different whiskeys. We will also taste some whiskeys finished with some cutting-edge, specially toasted oak to highlight the ability to further customize the flavor of a whiskey.

You like this, I like that. Whiskey blending.

Join us as we explore that differences between corn, rye, and wheat whiskey. Here at Big Spring, we follow the Canadian model and ferment, distill, and age all our grains separately. This creates a unique opportunity to fully appreciate the unique characters that each of these grains bring to a whiskey. After tasting our whiskeys you will create your own blend and we will mix up a bottle for you to take home.

I'm not getting old, I'm just maturing

Ever wondered what 6-month-old whiskey tastes like? 12 month, 2 year? Join us as we pull samples from barrels and taste the impact that time has on the maturation of whiskey. Does Rye age faster than wheat? Take the class and find out.

Proof of concept.

Do you like your whiskey with a little water? Or Ice? Or perhaps in a cocktail? We will explore how much the proof of a whiskey impacts the taste of your favorite whiskey tipple. We will do a guided tasting of a whiskey(s) at a couple different proofs and do that same with a classic whiskey cocktail made with the same whiskey at several different proofs. Trust us, you will be amazed with the differences.