"HAY bartender, why the long face.." Call them mixologists...bartenders...whatever, WE HAVE THE BEST! Our staff creates the most delicious and creative cocktails using only the alcohol we produce. Seasonal produce, exotic spices and fragrant herbs are incorporated in many R&D hours of developing syrups, extracts, tinctures and mixers to blend with our spirits, resulting in fascinating blends of flavors to entertain your buds.  Okay - our cocktail menu is a bit of an epic read but well worth taking the time to appreciate the options.  

The "craftier than most" heading features such goodies as The Aging Imperialist, blending Big Springs aged gin, cinnamon-infused white corn whiskey, lime, ginger & star anise liqueurs, orgeat, and cardamom bitters.  It's difficult to identify the individual flavors because the whole is skillfully executed and balanced.

"Classics with our Twists" features old favorites like our "Hoboken,"  - a Manhattan with training wheels: American whiskey, hibiscus, orange, ginger, cherry & bitters.  Our "Centrepolitan," an ode to the classic Cosmo, blends our Vodka with local Tait Farm Cranberry Shrub, orange liqueur, and lime.  We'll take every opportunity to tout our local partners particularly when they exceed expectations as Tait has in the shrub department.

Our "Fruit Forward" section highlights seasonally available produce such as local berries, exotic tropical melons, American citruses in bourbon, rum and vodka bases, either sweet or hot.  The house-made sweet-spicy jalapeno syrup is sure to give your drink a zing.

Whether you want a classic or complex cocktail, we have something on our expansive menu to make you say "WOW!"