BIG SPRING SPIRITS has the pleasure of hosting MJ Custom Craft Kitchens in our tasting room providing savory local fare that changes weekly.  Chef Mark Johnson combs through a variety of purveyors to assemble the rustic, yet sophisticated, offerings that our patrons rave about and return for.  He talks passionately about exotic Pennsylvania mushrooms but is careful not to give away the secret places in which they flourish.  He is conversant in who the best suppliers of local pork are and the specific cuts he's happily experimenting with.  Of particular note is his technique of pickling the most interesting seasonal local vegetables like ramps, enoki mushrooms, and scapes.


Wednesday Kitchen Take-Over

We are excited to announce that the Tasting Room will now be open on Wednesdays every week! The first Wednesday of the month will continue to be Science Pub and Chef Mark Johnson will offer his food menu on those nights. 

For the remaining Wednesdays of the month, we will feature guest chefs from the area who will take over our kitchen, bringing their various menus and cooking skills to Bellefonte. We will continue to provide full food service—and you’ll get to experience something new every week. We think it’s an exciting way to incorporate local businesses – we help them get exposure, and we keep our customers fed! We will do our best to get guest chef menus up on our website each week.


For those with adventurous palates, Chef Mark and Big Springs co-author a Sunday tasting menu that is extraordinary.  Mark spends the week sourcing interesting produce from local farmer's markets, and Big Springs creates harmonious pairings to make Mark's food offerings sing.

Because Chef Mark needs several days to source the ingredients, reservations for the Sunday Tasting menu must be made by the preceding Tuesday.