Our Team


Kevin Llyod

Co-owner/Production Manager

Kevin Lloyd is from Marion Center, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He attended Penn State University where he earned a degree in molecular and cell biology. Kevin was co-owner of Exygen Research for 6 years. He continues to engage his scientific talents with his creation of Big Spring Spirits and his role as Production Manager.


Paula Cipar


Paula Cipar hails from Pottsville, PA and holds degrees in Art & English from Cedar Crest College and Architecture from Penn State.  She is an interior designer with extensive experience in both residential and commercial design through her own design company, Morpheus. Her work can be seen from coast to coast and in numerous establishments in Centre County.  She is best represented by the unique tasting room at Big Spring Spirits.

Philip Jensen

Head Distiller

Philip Jensen is from Midland, Michigan. He has done research for Penn State University in the Departments of Plant Pathology and Biology for many years and is an award-winning home brewer. Philip brings his aptitude for developing well-crafted spirits to the position of Head Distiller.


Lucy Rogers

Tasting Room Manager

Lucy Rogers has been in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years as a restaurant manager, wine club director, catering manager, and now serves as tasting room manager for Big Spring Spirits. Her sheepish admission that her favorite hobby is eating good food and drinking well-made beverages makes her the ideal candidate to get the job done.

Brandon Wagner

Lead Bartender/Sales

Brandon Wagner grew up in central Pennsylvania and is also a graduate of Penn State. In spite of many efforts to leave the food and beverage industry behind, he always finds himself right back in it. As Lead Bartender, Brandon brings a keen sense of creativity to the table when it comes to craft cocktails, and his customer service skills are second to none.