Welcome to our tasting room!  Given the opportunity, why not sample several of our products, and learn about what you're drinking before you order a drink or take bottles home? 

One of the most intriguing tastings and a truly unique tasting opportunity that Big Springs offers, is tasting a white whiskey product next to the same product with some age.  Many brown whiskey drinkers are unfamiliar with the process and this comparison is enlightening as to the impact of oak and time.  Our white whiskeys are quite lovely, as many of the beautiful notes frequently identified in their aged counterparts are present but younger and less developed.  Learn where the flavors of vanilla, baking spices and fruits start and how they mature.

We offer 2 tasting flights.  The first is a three-spirit tasting of your choice of our current bottlings for $2.50, and the overall volume is approximately 1 ounce.  The second option features six spirits for $5 and is approximately 2 ounces.