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  • How long have you been open?
    The Bellefonte Distillery and Tasting Room opened in July 2014; The Seven Fields Tasting room opened in October 2020, and the Sewickley location opened in November of 2022. We expect the Distillery at South Shore to open at the end of 2023.
  • Do you sell beer to go?
    While we do serve beer in all of our tasting rooms, our license does not permit us to sell beer to go.
  • What cocktails do you sell that are ready to drink in 1-liter bottles?
    We have a wide variety of ready-to-drop cocktails in 1-liter bottles. Visit our shop page or click the button below to see what is currently available.
  • How do I book a tour?
    We offer tours of our Bellefonte distillery every Saturday at 1pm, but tours must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Book your tour below.
  • Do you sell cocktails to go?
    We do! You can buy them several different ways. You can buy a one liter bottle of our ready to drink cocktails; you can buy made-to-order cocktails, served in either a plastic, lidded, sealed plastic cup, or a 7 oz capped glass bottle. In Bellefonte we also sell variety 4-packs you can mix and match.
  • What’s the difference between the Seven Governors’ Gin and the Golden Gin?
    Our Golden Gin is exposed to oak for several weeks, making it drink more like a whiskey than our Seven Governor’s Gin, which is a London Dry-style gin.
  • I see your whiskey bottles all say “straight” on them…what does that mean?
    A whiskey can be labeled “straight” if it is distilled from a fermented cereal grain mash to a concentration not exceeding 80% alcohol by volume (abv) and aged in new charred oak barrels for at least two years at a concentration not exceeding 62.5% at the start of the aging process. At this point, all of our whiskeys are straight except for the Firebird Whiskey, which is minimally exposed to oak for just a few weeks.
  • Is your patio dog friendly?
    Both our Seven Fields and Bellefonte locations have outside seating areas that allow dogs.
  • Are any of your spirits gluten-free?
    According to the FDA, anything that is distilled is gluten-free, as the distillation process has stripped away any gluten—as long as no gluten-containing ingredients are added after distillation (some flavorings contain gluten). If you are concerned about this certification, we recommend that you only consume those spirits that did not derive from gluten-containing grains: our Vodka and Gins are made from corn and so are gluten-free; the White Rum is made from molasses and so is gluten-free; Firebird Cinnamon Whiskey and our Straight Corn Whiskey are also gluten-free.
  • Can I get a Jack & Coke?
    Because we have a micro-distiller’s license, we can only sell the alcohol we produce, so no, we cannot serve Jack Daniels. However, we have an excellent bourbon-style American whiskey that makes great cocktails!
  • Do you ship bottles out of state?
    Because we have a micro-distiller’s license, we are not allowed to ship out of Pennsylvania. We do, however, ship for free inside PA.
  • Do you ever book private events?
    Private events can be held in each of our tasting room locations, although each has different space and available. Please reach out to the manager of the tasting room of your desired location.
  • What is History Pub?
    On the second Tuesday of every month, our Bellefonte Tasting Room hosts History Pub, where a speaker comes in and discusses an event in History, often locally focused.
  • Do you host weekly Trivia?
    Each of our Tasting Rooms have different event schedules. Please click on the individual locations’ page to determine what is happening when and where.
  • How do I sign up for your monthly e-newsletter?
    Our monthly newsletter includes the Cocktail of the Month, the Spirit of the month, upcoming events, and an exclusive promo code for subscribers. You can sign up for our newsletter using the buttons below.
  • If I am lactose intolerant, can I have the cream bourbon?
    The cream bourbon is made with a stabilized cream product.
  • How do I get a Central Tasting Trail passport?
    You can purchase one in our Bellefonte tasting room, on our website store, or at the Central PA Tasting Trail’s website.
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